The original event at Road America was started by John Gay in April of 2000. His dream was to give the average car enthusiast the ability to experience the thrill of driving his/her vehicle in a controlled environment on a nationally known race track with no competitiveness. With the help of some friends and future partners John Gay was able to succeed in his dream. Speed Seekers LLP was created and consisted of John & Jessi Gay, Dan & Jacki Kuehn, and Dave & Jaime Dill who are all members of the Midwest F-Body Association.  After five years , John & Jessi decided to go in their own direction and Speed Seekers LLP continues to grow with Partners Dan & Jacki Kuehn and Dave & Jaime Dill. We will continue to do what we can to improve the events to be as safe as possible and flow in the best manner to maximize your track time.

Speed Seekers LLP


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